Secure Erase service

Some embedded systems programmers are lazy! The "erase config" command might look like it removes the configuration, but occasionally the programmer just decided it was enough to set an erased-flag and leave the actual configuration data intact in memory.

In 1999 we discovered that some Cisco routers in our lab still had the configurations data intact in its NVRAM even though we ran proper erase commands. The router reported the config was erased, but we were still able to recover it! Since then we modified the erasure routines in our refurbishing process to overcome this security flaw and to assure complete erasure.

Suppose you need to scrap some devices containing sensitive configurations such as passwords and SNMP community strings. You run the the erase config command and send them to the recycling company. But what happens if someone in recycle chain decides this equipment is too good to waste and sells it? And it ends up with someone with the know how to recover the configuration?

If this would be a problem for you we can help!

Our Secure Erasure services includes:

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