On-site Support

We offer support for installation, troubleshooting and repair of network infrastructure components such as switches, routers, servers and firewalls.


Advanced Support
EUR150 per hour
For support requiring unique know how, expensive instruments or standard support at out of office hours.

  • Recovery of broken router config from flash memory.
  • Troubleshooting a defective network cable, or a faulty system in the middle of the night.
  • Recovery of a files from a failed NAS.
Standard Support
EUR100 per hour
Support during normal business hours.

  • Replacing a disk drive or power supply.
  • Installation of a CAT6 cable.
  • Installation of routers, switches, Wireless Controllers, AP, Firewalls.
Flexible Support
EUR85 per hour
Project based support/consulting for a larger project where the work can be performed at a time and place chosen by Stril Networks.

  • Software development.
  • Network design and planning.
EUR2 per km

Counting from Stril Networks head office, Sorterargatan 12, Vallingby, Sweden. (15km drive from Stockholm center). Travel costs cover costs such as road tolls and parking fees. No hour fee is charged during travel.




We have store spare parts in our warehouse at Sorterargatan 12, Vallingby, Sweden.
Small storage: EUR150 per year and every 0.1m3.
Large storage: EUR150 per month and m3

Storage is charged for each volume chunk and period started. E.g. 1.5 m3 stored for 90 days will be charged as 2m3 for 2 months.
Handling the parts such as packaging and inventorying will be charged at the "Flexible Support" rate. We can handle palletized equipment up to 2000kg.


Minimum charge is 1 hour.
Work time is rounded up to closest quarter hour. Eg. 1hour and 7minutes is charged as 1hour 15 minutes.


Equipment at hand

We have a 1000m2 warehouse outside Stockholm where we keep spare parts such as:

Tools at hand

We have tools and equipment to aid in many installation, troubleshooting and repair scenarios. This includes:

Fluke DSP test and certification tools.
For post installation verification and to find broken cables with the TDR function.
Cleverscope CS328A Digital Oscilloscope with 8 channel logic analyser and signal generator.
Fluke signal generator and probe for locating copper cables.
Xeltec Superpro 6100 EEPROM programmer for flash recovery.
Xeltec IS01 ISP programmer for in system serial programming.
Fujikora FSM-20RSII12 fiber splicer (can do single and ribbon fiber)
ISDN BRI S/T emulator
Analog phone line emulator
TE Connect CAT6 cables, and connectors. SL crimp tool for connectors up to CAT7A.
Dymo XTL300 cable marker
Electronics DC electronic load (M9712 0-150V, 300W) to measure battery discharge and power supply performance
Micro amp current meter
Clamp current meter
Bosch hammer drill for holes up to 24mm.
Bosch wall scanner to find rebars.
ISDN E1, ISDN BRI S/T and DSL testers.
Power logger (for 230V, 50Hz AC)

Monitor PC

Do you need long time on-site presence to monitor some process remotely? Or maybe you just need a laptop with a RS232 port to configure a Cisco router or firewall remotely for a new site.
We can prepare and deploy (either physically delivery or send) a laptop accessible over 4G radio and with monitor tools such as:

Temporary internet

Did the main internet connection go down? Or did the ISP fail to deliver at the day of the store opening?
We can supply and deploy a temporary internet router with 4G internet access. If your ISP link failed, the emergency router interface facing your firewall can be configured with the ISP gateway interface address and do NAT. As such it can be deployed in front of your firewall without any reconfiguration.


Contact us if you have a project or problem where we can help.