Complete CCNA kit

Package Contents:

3 Console kit CISCO2611XM with 2 built in 10/100 Ethernet ports
Memory: 32MB flash. 96MB RAM
6 wic-1t WIC-1T Synchronous Serial ports
(2 installed in each router)
2 Catalyst 2950 WS-C2950-24, 24PORT 10/100 switch
3 CAB-X-6060-1m WAN/V35 back to back cable
(To connect the WIC-1T serial ports for PPP and Frame Relay
4 Console kit Console cable kit
6 Ethernet patch Ethernet Patch cable, straight
4 Ethernet patch Ethernet Patch cable, crossed
5 Power cable Power Cables
1 USB to 4-port RS232 converter

CCNA topics supported by this lab kit

The 2950 switch CISCO2611XM router CCNA topics NOT supported by the lab kit

We have put together this labpackage suitable for studying networking with Cisco technology. It is only a suggestion. If you don't find what you need, just let us know, and we will put together a package which suits you. For learning centers and schools we are happy to assist developing labscenarios and student/teacher documentation.

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